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Ray-Ban eyeglasses from retro to modern

Ray-Ban is renowned for its iconic eyewear with the Label lettering on the side. But the American cult brand also offers a wide selection of prescription glasses. The selection of the Ray-Ban Glasses enough about the authentic Retro Look to modern Designs. Some of the top sellers of the company was the real Star of cinema films ("the Blues Brothers") or a U.S. series ("Miami Vice"). All models share a distinctive style which underlines your personality is.

Like all the story of Ray, began the Ban

The history of Ray-Ban eyeglass frames is closely connected with the history of aviation: The first pair of sunglasses the company was created in 1936 on behalf of the US Army. The pilots were in search of an eyewear that protects you from the glaring sun at high altitudes. The Name of this first model: Aviator. The success was overwhelming and soon belonged to Ray-Ban glasses standard equipment for many US pilots. In 1952, another groundbreaking model came with the Ray-Ban Wayfarer on the market. Today, Ray-Ban eyewear is a popular accessory of numerous Celebrities from the fields of sports, music and acting.

The iconic Retro Quartet – from Aviator glasses to Round Metal

For Fans of the iconic Retro Looks offers Ray Ban four of his most legendary sunglasses as ungetönte prescription glasses . This Ray-Ban glasses with corrective lenses have the same cult factor as the versions without the prescription lenses – an Overview:

  • The Abbreviation RX 6489 for a pilot goggles, which is closely associated with the Aviator related. The distinctive Silhouette with drop-shaped lenses of the Aviator is very similar, the difference lies only in the Detail. So, the bracket for the RX 6489 little thicker. The model is available in gold, silver and brown bronze versions available.
  • The Ray-Ban Wayfarer as prescription glasses RX 5121 just as impressive as the sunglasses. Without tint a trendy pair of glasses for the classic Nerd Look is from the classic trapezoidal shaped lenses and a distinctive frame made of plastic. This is especially true for the black version.
  • The Ray-Ban Clubmaster RX 5154 in the ' 50s, with its Design in the style of a real eye-catcher. The color variations range from the distinctive classic in Black models in horn-look up to a Version in purple. All together: The Browline Design, which accentuates the eyebrow of the wearer discreetly.
  • The Round Metal RX 3447 your intellectual Aura owes much to the round glasses and the filigree metal frame. The Design originates from the late 60s, and awakens subtle associations with Woodstock and the Hippie Era. Except in Gold and silver you will receive this model in Black.

Timeless and modern Ray-Ban glasses

If you are looking for instead of a Retro classic glasses in a modern Design, you will be in Ray-Ban glasses also find. Whether plastic or metal, rectangular, oval or round: For every taste the right eyewear is. Explore with us three bestsellers from the current collection. All three Ray-Ban eyeglass frames are Unisex models, and suitable for men and women:

  • RX 7047: The rectangular glasses with a full rim frame made of plastic looks striking and elegant at the same time. The key to this is the slender proportions and a subtle swing in the line management. A low weight of only 17 grams guarantees a perfect wearing comfort. And thanks to the comparatively high glasses the glasses can easily be used with progressive lenses, equip. Except in Black and you will receive this model in horn optics, or in transparent grey.
  • RX 6378: These full-rim spectacles with large round glasses and a filigree metal frame is decorated in the Pantostil. You had a very intellectually and due to the low weight very comfortable. Thanks to the different colour variants, the glasses can perfectly to the personal style of the vote. For purists, there is the model completely in Black. Colored accents the two-tone variants, for example, the Version with the blue frame and silver bows.
  • RX 5114: This rectangular model features the two-layered, two-coloured full-rim frame made from comfortable acetate. This results in interesting effects, such as the combination of strict Black on the outside and transparent inside. For innovative Look excellent alongside feeling: With 22 grams of the weight of the glasses is extremely easy and by the spring hinges, it fits perfectly on your head.

How do I find the perfect Ray-Ban glasses frame for my face?

The fastest way to find the right Ray-Ban Eyeglass Frames leads through the Website of Mister Spex. Select on the left side First, if you are looking for Ray-Ban sunglasses for ladies or gentlemen. As a second step, you choose the shape of your face. Then all of them Ray-Ban Glasses Frames appear, their silhouettes are, in principle, with your facial contour in harmony. If necessary, the selection can be by means of additional settings to narrow down. If you have one or more of the models envisaged, the Online try-on to the game: With their help, you can check in the blink of an eye in 2D or 3D, as the glasses are you. And on request, we can provide you with up to four frames to try on at home.

Ray-Ban glasses to buy: the benefits for you at Mister Spex

If You cheap Ray-Ban glasses with corrective lenses, you are at Mister Spex right: When you purchase Ray-Ban prescription glasses, you will receive high quality single vision lenses in standard equipment free of charge. These lenses are scratch - resistant and breakage, have a UV Filter and are super reflective. In comparison to the non-binding price recommendation of the manufacturer, you can save up to 50 percent. As an added Extra, you can order a surcharge for progressive lenses or dirt-repellent and especially thin and light glasses. By the way: We only use brand glasses in optical quality of well-known companies such as Seiko Optical, Hoya Lens, Essilor. When you order glasses online, you will also enjoy these additional benefits:

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Do you have questions? Our service team and opticians consists of trained eyes and will help you with the technical Details and the selection of a suitable Ray-Ban Eyeglass Frames find. Our aim: your future glasses best fits you and is suited to your needs.